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Clips-page contains miscellaneous music clips of varying lengths that I haven't finished yet.
Covers-page contains dance versions of other artist's songs and attempts to mimic other songs etc. Made by ear.
Finished-page contains songs that have also been published on

Happy listening! :)

Clips Covers Finished Finished-320kbps
DateFileArtistNameLengthBitrateMy comment
30.04.2008Stefanie-YouNeverSaidYouLoveMe(ProfionRemix).mp3StefanieYou Never Said You Love Me (Profion Remix)4:54320 kbps 
03.08.2006Profion-ButterflyDust.mp3ProfionButterfly Dust3:23320 kbps 
15.02.2006Profion-Chinaman.mp3ProfionChinaman2:57320 kbps 
08.11.2005Profion-Insected.mp3ProfionInsected4:17320 kbps 
14.07.2005Profion-FantasyRide.mp3ProfionThe Fantasy Ride3:25320 kbps 
08.07.2005Profion-TheseDays.mp3ProfionThese Days3:17320 kbps 
22.05.2005Profion-MidnightDance.mp3ProfionMidnight Dance2:48320 kbps 
14.05.2005Profion-ComingHome.mp3ProfionComing Home2:55320 kbps 
21.03.2005Profion-Spring.mp3ProfionSpring3:28320 kbps 
17.01.2005Profion-AboveTheSkies.mp3ProfionAbove The Skies3:19320 kbps 

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